Watchlist 10-21-2014 – $IBIO, $UNIS, $SCOK, $BBRY, $NQ, $ESI, $SOPW, $LIVE

Trade Plan:

Annoying day yesterday, after saying in my plan I would watch all morning I ended up shorting $SCOK early and got squeezed all afternoon. SUPER frustrating considering I put myself in that position. Ended up getting half my losses back late day after shorting into the close. FUCKING SHOULD HAVE JUST WAITED TILL THEN!! Had I followed my plan it would have been a profitable day instead of a loser…

So, same plan today, even if a great play appears I’m forcing myself to sit on my hands till the afternoon. Call it self punishment. Or most likely I’ll end up with a profitable day because I won’t try shorting the front side of a move.

Watchlist 10-20-2014 – Evidently Ebola is cured! – $IBIO, $UNIS, $SCOK, $BBRY

Trade Plan:

Tough to work out a plan today, looks like all the Ebola plays are toast except $IBIO, which has a bunch of weird stuff going on that I don’t understand. Lots of stuff on scan for me, but nothing that is cut and dry. I normally like to come out pretty aggressive on Monday but looking like it might be a wait and see type morning.

If the Ebola plays spike I will look to get short, if they go sideways or fade I will ignore, I have no desire to try and bounce them.

Trade Log – 9/24/2014 – Shorted $BBRY @stockrealist this is for you!

Ticker: $BBRY

Entry: $10.82

Position Size: 1000

Stop: $10.86

Target: Low $10’s


Boredom trade… But several reasons.
1. Blackberry is doomed longterm.
2. That new phone is stupid and looks like a calculator.
3. Major hit piece out from UBS.
4. The fact that they try calling that dumb new phone an “Iphone killer”. I’m no Iphone fanboy, but come on if you were going to “kill” the iphone, I think you need to do a lot better than that thing.

Risk to reward wise its pretty good I think, worst case it goes sideways, best case that UBS report sinks it.

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