Watchlist 9-18-2014 – $AVNR, $VIMC


Several other good plays out there, but I’m only going to be around till about noon. Since my renewed focus is to quit being a degenerate scalper, I will be spending all morning laser focused on $AVNR, looks like I could get a decent drop. But I will really try and not just take 10-20 fricking cents a share.

$VIMC, looks to be a little boring, but I’ll hold it as long as it goes sideways or obviously if it fades. Any pop I’ll be out. I have a lot to do tomorrow as well so would be nice to be in cash overnight.

$AVNR Insider Sells – I’m short.

Meh, I don’t get to excited about these filings, but when you are short into a huge spike it can be pretty encouraging when the COO and the VP of finance are selling to a pop. Sure its hard to blame them, but at the same time if they believed in the long term prospects why sell the first time it has pushed up in a looong time.

Notice the sells are all on the 15th, so they sold as soon as the could. No waiting for them!




Trade recap – 9/17/2014 – $AVNR, $VIMC Big Inspiration from @investorslive and @lx21 video!

Well after watching LX21’s Investors Underground interview (which is a MUST SEE BTW). I decided to reboot a little to my older more systematic method of trading. I’ve been bitching all summer about small profits and scalping. At this point I think I was being a pussy and blaming the market when I should have been pointing the finger back at myself. In trading there is only one person that creates problems or creates profits, yourself. That being said Gregg’s video really reminded me that one of the best ways to be a profitable short seller is with a more detailed and system like approach.

I’ve gotten tired of chasing moves and trading morning momentum. I’m both better at and enjoy more, waiting for the hype to fade and shorting for bigger moves. Sure its predicatable that you can get a quick scalp off when stocks go parabolic, but its filled with anxiety and just feels more like gambling.

I’d rather analyze, pick my spots and stick to rules and a plan.

Thanks Nate, Cam and Gregg for a great and inspiring video.

I decided to hold both $AVNR and $VIMC short overnight, $AVNR did hit my stop quickly but I held through it, but had a plan. I told myself if it stays strong after the fed news at 2PM I’d exit. I had enough degenerate forsite to see an anomolous spike around the fed meeting.

$AVNR Notes:

$VIMC Notes:

Trade Log – 9/17/2014 – $AVNR

Ticker: $AVNR

Entry: $12.25

Position Size: 1500

Stop: $12.75

Target: Low $11’s


Up huge on news about a very small market drug. Price has been very strong the last few days, but finally looks like the double top and fade are in. Writing this a while after entry, so I’ve used the day’s HOD as a stop. Tired of taking such small gains lately so my goal is to hold this over a couple days and try and get a profit down to the mid to low $11’s.

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Watchlist 9-1-2014 – $AVNR, $IFON, $SCOK, $SINO, $VIMC, $VOIL

Today’s Plan:

Good looking list today, I held $AVNR overnight, will look to exit quickly on any morning panic. If it doesnt crack hard it will probably fight back. I wasted way to much time watching it yesterday. Annoying. I’d like to short $IFON and $VIMC, but do NOT want to be early. Would love to see a spike out of the gate then fading action mid day.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Quote from Yahoo Finance- AVNR


Quote from Yahoo Finance- IFON


Quote from Yahoo Finance- SCOK


Quote from Yahoo Finance- SINO


Quote from Yahoo Finance- VIMC


Quote from Yahoo Finance- VOIL


Watchlist 9-16-2014 – $AVNR, $SCOK, $SINO, $VIMC

Today’s Plan:

Well looks like all the wearable camera plays and e-payment plays have pretty much died off. Not a ton on watch today, guess its time to wait for the next theme to pop a bunch of junk. $AVNR is probably the most “in play” stock, but I got beat up on it yesterday so I’m going to try and avoid it.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Quote from Yahoo Finance- AVNR


Quote from Yahoo Finance- SCOK


Quote from Yahoo Finance- SINO


Quote from Yahoo Finance- VIMC