Watchlist for 5-10-2016 – $HZNP, $AG, $PRGN, $LGCY, $ARGS

Today’s Watchlist

Solid swing trade yesterday, glad I had that setup because not a whole lot other than that interested me at all.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Horizon Pharma plc (HZNP) -NasdaqGS

Choppy, watching a big pop/squeeze.


First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) -NYSE

Commodity play, blegh, will look for a mid day/afternoon fade.


Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGN) -NasdaqCM

Still waiting for a squeeze, thought about buying early but I just can’t get myself to go long a POS like this. Bummer is I don’t think it will ever squueze hard enough to get a good short entry either. Lame.


Legacy Reserves LP (LGCY) -NasdaqGS

I’m ok with my cover on the LOD’s into the close. Oil was down down down all day, so I figured at some point it has to bounce. And with it LGCY would probably pop, from what I gather long term this is doomed so I’ll watch for pops to re-enter.


Argos Therapeutics, Inc. (ARGS) -NasdaqGM

Hoping for a rush out of the gate to set risk against for a mid day/afternoon fade/HOD reject.


Watchlist for 4-19-2016 – $UNXL, $RPRX, $ARGS, $PTCT

Today’s Watchlist

After an annoying day yesterday really going to dial it back and focus on entry and bulletproof plans. I impulsively entered $CPXX and then because I did not have a solid plan, I exited on the first uptick, right before the big mid day crack. I knew I did not plan the trade out so I had no confidence in it. Will fix that today.

$CPXX sometimes all you can do is laugh

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Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Uni-Pixel, Inc. (UNXL) -NasdaqCM

Watching for a parabolic.


Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) -NasdaqCM

Pretty surprised this has hung around, probably a crowded short from last week, because of that I will only enter a squeeze out, I won’t chase or short fading.


Argos Therapeutics, Inc. (ARGS) -NasdaqGM

Will look to fade this if it starts selling off.


PTC Therapeutics, Inc. (PTCT) -NasdaqGS

Tried this late yesterday, didn’t work, was a little annoyed by my cover, but in the end it was a decent exit. At least I didn’t waste all day and overnight watching it. Will watch for pops.