Watchlist 7/20/2010 – I didnt think it would be possible, but this list is worth then yesterdays! $$

Another lame choppy day in the markets yesterday so the only stocks coming up on my screens are buyouts and lawsuit winners, worthless… Not a ton to say on a day like this so I’ll get right to it. I shorted ARNA late day when I saw what appeared to be fading action. At this point somewhat pleased, but futures are down a ton, so if this trade does become a winner it may be simply because of the overall market going further down. But hey a profit is a profit, I could care less what “macro” effects create it.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Looks like their drug was kicked to the curb, I won’t play this but curious to see where it ends up. Remember kiddies, I shorted at $4.30, its now at 90 CENTS and looks to tank another 20%, cripes.. SHORT


As mentioned above, I’m “ok” with this short, but not in love. What I am in love with is trading this stock I’m afraid. Time to move on!! SHORT


Yet another crappy biopharma, I need to do some more research but the chart looks interesting and shares are available to borrow. SHORT


Since there are no solid picks I’ll spend some time trying to figure this deal out. I’m still confused at this point, but just looks odd. SHORT

$APPY – Another example of why I need to work on long term shorting.

Wow glad to see I shorted at $4.30’ish and covered at $3.60ish…

For whatever reason when I try to become a longer term short, I pick the most unvolatile stocks and end up getting bored. Of course holding a more volatile stock longterm can get scary as hell. I told myself not to cut and run so quick on APPY, its now over $3 under my original short.

Tough to cry when I make $1kish on it, but damn, thats sad..