Short Watchlist – 11/1/2012- $GNRC, $GPRE, $TASR, $IBCP

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Probably to “real” of a company, but this standby generator hype is to much. Once everyone gets their power on, about 0.05% of people will actually get off of their asses and put in a standby generator.


Ethanol? They are still trying to make that crap??!? Corn costs 2X more then oil and probably 5X more then Nat Gas, and someone is still trying to turn it into fuel?!?!


Considering the growing police state, this thing should be solid lead pipe lock for a BUY! But I’ll be looking to fade it.


Probably to illiquid to mess with, but this bank is headquartered about 30 minutes from me, so I’ll watch out of curiosity.

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