Seth’s Blog: Your voice will give you away

Agreed, its so annoying listening to a speaker just read the slides. Give me the slide deck and let me get the hell out of here if thats all the commitment your going to put in!



Your voice will give you away

It’s extremely difficult to read a speech and sound as if you mean it.

For most of us, when reading, posture changes, the throat tightens and people can tell. Reading is different from speaking, and a different sort of attention is paid.

Before you give a speech, then, you must do one of two things if your goal is to persuade:

Learn to read the same way you speak (unlikely)

or, learn to speak without reading. Learn your message well enough that you can communicate it without reading it. We want your humanity.

If you can’t do that, don’t bother giving a speech. Just send everyone a memo and save time and stress for all concerned.

via Seth’s Blog: Your voice will give you away.

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