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The inspiration for this post came from many areas. But after finding out that Tim Sykes was working with some third world school building charities, I thought I’d highlight these projects. My interest comes from many areas considering these projects touch on so many of my core passions. Trading, construction, charity, youth and education.

Before going into the coverage of these projects and my involvement, keep in mind I did a full very detailed review of the trading education product that was used to fund both of these projects. Tim Sykes came out with “How to Make Millions” trading course and if you are interested click this link for tons of info. With this introduction to stock trading course Sykes has raised over $1,500,000 to date, all of being allocated to charity.

First off Sykes has a long involvement in charity projects going back to his college days at Tulane, considering he was funding scholarships from his dorm room I was not that surprised when I saw on my social feed that he had decided to allocate some of the proceeds from his charity DVD towards constructing third world schools. I have long been a follower of Pencils of Promise and Adam Braun, though I have never pulled the trigger on getting involved I have great respect for what these charities are accomplishing.


Great thing is now through my relationship with Tim Sykes I will be able to help in a REAL way with these projects vs just sending a check. After complimenting Tim on his large donations to these charities I almost jokingly asked if I could go on a site visit with him and potentially actually swing a hammer or help in some other actual boots on the ground way. Tim quickly replied and said “Sure come along this fall and spring to visit Laos and Cambodia and we will see what you can do.” While I am unsure how much help I will be allowed to give, just having the opportunity to help out on a project like this in a physical way is very exciting to me. Not to mention just having the opportunity to visit and see the children and communities is greatly inspiring to me!


At this point in the summer of 2016 Tim has funded two school related projects:

$50,000 donation to the Cambodian Village Fund (1 School)
– $120,000 to Pencils of Promise in Laos (2 Schools)

There is no doubt Tim Sykes is an “aggressive internet marketer” but it is 2016 and my social feed is full of guys selling products online, and I purchase many of them. But I have not seen any of these others create a product where 100% of the proceeds go to charity. And if they have I’m confident none of them have contributed close to $200,000 to make some of the poorest and neglected areas of the world better.

Its cliche but children are our future, and thanks to the internet, children anywhere in the world have a legitimate chance to the the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. IF and only IF they are given an education. Everybody likes to bitch on social media about what a fucked up world we live in, but $200,000 spent in a third world country to help 100’s or maybe 1000’s of children is a very real and substantial way to change the future.

Altering your profile picture or pissing and moaning on social media won’t do a damn bit of good in the end. While in the grand scheme of things its a small project Tim Sykes is making real change in the world. And something like building schools is a force multiplier. The potential for good to come out of these and future products is beyond exciting to me. And I thank Tim for the opportunity to help and can’t wait to visit and work on these projects!

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