Review of #traderchecklist Instructional DVD by @timothysykes Chapter 8

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Table of Contents for Review of TraderChecklist


Another shorter chapter, right around 30 minutes. I try and keep these reviews honest and not just “rose colored”. So this was probably my least favorite chapter. Though while it did not have much value for me, I think it would serve very new traders well. Most of chapter was reviewing and “hindsight trading” a couple trades that Sykes made that day. He retroactively completed the SSS sheet on trades after closing them out.

This has some value I think to kind of get in the mind of how to approach a trade setup, but for me it was not that engaging.

Best value was in reinforcing the idea of using the SSS to whittle down the number of stocks you watch. I really think that is one of the most powerful parts of this model, while obvoiusly not perfect it creates a framework to get you down to a manageable list of stocks.

Good thing is it was quick so you can pick up the solid tips without spending a ton of time on this chapter.


STT – SSS post market open.

SPU – GRPN recaps

MFT discussion

Detailed discussion of SPU, before, during and after trade.

Double back to SSS analysis on GRPN EVOK PEIX MDGS

SSS – Trader Checklist on SPU in hindsight

User testimonials

EVOK recap

Float rotation discussion

GRPN recap and breakdown

Lot of doubling back on setups.

SSS helps you refine down to less tickers to follow.

Tough to short earnings winners/delayed spikes

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