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This is the last chapter and is obviously setup to fulfill a need of tying up a bunch of loose ends and random, but probably frequent questions Nate and others at IU get.

Myself I did not gain a ton from this chapter, but I have been in the IU “community” for 5+ years. So even though I didnt learn a bunch, that by no means there is not good info. I literally got two emails just last night with questions that would have been answered in this chapter. So for sure if you are a new trader or new to momentum stocks or the IU community its well worth the watch.

Topics covered include:

  • Trade on the Fly – Michelle’s swing trading watchlists/webinars and chat room
  • A quick tour of Nates desktop setup – I did like this, I’ve been tweaking my DAS setup forever, and liked to see how he laid his out.
  • Brokers – See notes below
  • A list of simple but HIGHLY useful chatroom tips/tweaks. Again these are simple things, but it probably took me months to figure them out on my own way back when. Nate gives them all you you in about 2 minutes.

If you have read through any or even better all of these reviews I appreciate your valuable time. I’m sure you can tell this DVD would be highly recommended by me. But I will be doing a 5 minute video review of the entire DVD this weekend. I will be posting it here, twitter and youtube.

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Chapter 9: Tools of the Trade

-Trade on the Fly – Michelle –
Swing trading
-Step back – bigger picture
“look to the left to help you see the right”
Never stop learning – key to being a CPT
Find your niche – momo,swing, etc

-Nates Desktop

30K minimum for members
Quantex – borrows
Commitment to have the best clearing firms
Goal is to give an edge to customers
Another goal to offer ANY stock to borrow
High touch customer service

High borrow rate with low or no borrow fees
10K borrow list +3K available to locate
Free DAS w/$499 in commissions
ECN rebates

Options for under PDT
6-1 leverage
DAS platform
Cool backstory on Guy Gentile/Owner
History of poor customer service has greatly improved – growing pains

-Email Nate/IU if opening a new broker, deals/referrals etc

-Chatroom tips
-Lot of little basic but good tips, especially for new users
-format window
-room join/left
-Filter by user

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