Relaunch of – Watchlist – 3/1/2012 – $ALIM, $BVSN, $CBIS, $CTHR,$LOGL

Wow, I handn’t realize that its been around nine months since I posted a watch list!! Well I’m determined, yet again, to be some sort of trading blogger. And DAMNIT I WILL write an ebook soon. The best lame reason I can some up with for my latest batch of procrastination is not being “in the game”. I really think one of the biggest reason’s I have not forced myself to put the words on the page of the ebook is simply because I have not been screening and posting watch lists for months. I have traded here and there, but very little. I will continue to enforce one of my core trading rules, “No great setups, no trades, don’t trade mediocre or bad setups.”

So while I will be posting about trading more, I’m not sure if it will end up increasing my trading volume or not. I do think I’ve missed a lot of solid opportunities over the last six months simply because I have not been looking for them.

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” – Kyle Chandler

I had a goal of making this some sort of “epic” blog post about the fantasamagorical relaunch of, but as long as I get a post a day I’m happy. The wind came out of my sails a little this morning. So just getting this post out there is a start. Every success I have obtained in life was based firmly on the concept of “constant/incremental progress”, or flat our showing up everyday and putting in the work. So this post may be mediocre and uninspiring to you, my 2 readers, well probably only 1 of you actually made it this far in reading. But I’m very excited to hit my goal of getting back on track on 3/1/2012.

Here’s to many more terrible trading related blog posts and mediocre watch lists!! Along with some health and fitness and productivity related crap. Wow thats one hell of a sales pitch!

Full list from Yahoo Finance






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