Relaunch of, could something actually useful show up here??

Well its been said countless ways and countless times that “Real writers write.” You can’t get more simple then that. Since one of my goals going back to pre teen years has been to be a writer, its time I finally use this blog to progress towards that goal.

After numerous fits and starts with numerous platforms, domains and styles, I have proved what I already knew to be true. The tools and the method have absolutely nothing to do with the writing. You just have to put the butt in the chair and put the words on the page. Thinking and dwelling non stop about what to write about, and dicking around with different tools will only accomplish one thing, produce NO writing.

So dear reader, you and the one other person that most likely will visit this page get prepared to read a non stop daily dump of my thoughts. Ideally over time the quality will improve, I pity you poor fool who is here in the early days. But I know and have proven to myself through countless examples that I am a creature of routine and truly thrive through consistency. Whether it be business, fitness related, stock trading, productivity enhancement or writing. Another quote that has been said a million different ways is “What we do we become” or more specific to me, “What we consistently do we become.”

After writing to my journal EVERY day for close to 150 days, I have found the quality to have greatly improved and the great desire to never miss a day grow and grow as the streak gets longer.

So what should you expect to read? Basically my interpretation and experience of reading, using and analyzing the procedures and products I use every day. There are millions of them out there, and  more every  day, but in essence I foresee a “Lifestyle blog”. I am an active learner and goal setter. In the past year I have logged these accomplishments:

-Read at least one book per week

-Obtain a CCW

-Write consistently to a daily journal

-Trade stocks profitably and consistently and refine my processes.

-Weight train consistently

-Eat NO farm raised meat

-Write children’s short stories (collaborating with my kids to create the plot)

-Eat NO fast food (For the second year running)

-Minimize consumption of processed food

-Enhance productivity in everyday business and create a progressive workplace

-Became a proficient welder, specifically the GMAW process

-Consistently rise between 4-5AM (most days, this still is a little buggy)

More then anything I’m bummed I have not written or blogged or tracked these accomplishments outside of my own software and journal. So 2011 is the year I change that.

Some of the goals for the coming year that will be tracked here:

-Learn Ruby/ROR and develop a web app

-Step up my weight training to the next level (need to figure out the actual metrics still)

-Learn to play acoustic guitar

-Only drink one unique six pack of beer per week (good beer) and review it here

-Write something for public publication six days a week

-Speak publicly on a consistent basis  (monthly?)and improve my presentation skills

-Write something that can be sold (ebook, novel, magazine article?)

-Become a certified welder and proficient in the SMAW and GTAW processes

Wow, this was supposed to be a couple hundred word introduction, it really turned into a ramble.  I guess I will leave it at that for today, ideally through consistency this forum will become useful to anyone who shares my interests in improvement and skill building.

After rereading this entry I’m far from impressed, but I guess every journey begins with a single step. This first step may have been a little more like a stumble but I did move slightly forward this morning.

11 thoughts on “Relaunch of, could something actually useful show up here??”

  1. @mike, currently stalled, but part of this newfound emphasis on writing is to delegate one day a week to making progress. Ideally 1/2 or 1/3 a chapter per week will be posted here. Then later edited down into the final book. I could kill two birds with one stone that way, writing about trading and creating a sellable product.

  2. Tim,
    I’m glad you are going to keep things going for the new year. I’ve found a lot of motivation from your blog and other blogs/websites that you frequently link to.

    Up for a little competition on the weight lifting? I have heard that can help a ton. Might be a lot of fun and help you with your goal of stepping things up. I’ve been trying to do the same. Email me if you are interested.

  3. @Brett, that would be awesome!! I think one of the things holding me back is the lack of something to work towards. I have desperately been trying to find a lifting partner to compete with but no one ever shows up, must be me breath?!? 🙂

    @kirk, for all of 2010, I ate NO meat but Venison killed locally, I’m not a crazy foodie, it was more just a challenge then anything. Also as a way to force myself to eat more fish.

    @mike, awesome!! You have any books, websites, software, DVD’s etc to point me towards to get started?

  4. I am not sure on websites and stuff, although just a basic google search turned this one up seems ok on the surface.

    The basics are pretty much standard, and anyone with enough motivation can learn them. I really do wish there was an internet when I started.. I would have been a whole lot better 🙂
    You’ll also notice your fingers getting stronger over time, the chords will seem impossible at first, and then all of a sudden you will realize they take no effort at all anymore.

    Good luck, and practice!

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