Project Murph – Day 1

Well I’ve posted here and there about wanting to complete Murph once a week leading up to a Sealfit Kokoro even in the spring. Big Hairy Audacious Goal for sure. But I’ve lacked any sort of fitness project for quite some time, so excited to have something to work towards.

Biggest issue right off the bat is gonna be bodyweight and pull ups for sure. I don’t distance run that much but I’m not concerned about the 1 mile runs. And I can do pushups and squats all day long 50-100 reps at a time. My strength level at the pull ups is ok, but I need to specialize on increasing strength in them.

But I don’t see being able to do 100 pullups for any sort of decent time at my current 184 bodyweight. So my interim goal is to drop some bodyfat. I’ll use and blog about various techniques, including:

  • Running a mile each morning (probably worthless for fat loss, but I need to get better at the one mile run, and any extra activity is good for weight loss)
  • Ketogenic diet, bulletproof coffee etc. Basically super low carb, high fat, which is my preferred way to diet anyway.
  • No alcohol, if it weren’t for quite a few beers each week I think I’d be in Ketosis most days. This is an easy way to ditch a shit load of carbs and sugar in one step
  • Tabata’s as conditioning, probably mostly on the Airdyne
  • 300/8 Sprint workouts, I’ll detail this in a post
  • Barbell Complexes

My goal is to be 175 pounds in a couple weeks. I have a pretty active metabolism so once I clean up the diet I don’t see any issue. I’ll be tracking and logging pull ups closely, and training them during the day starting with sets of 4. My goal is to “grease the groove” by doing them all day long.

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  1. If you are near 40 or over and can still do anything closely resembling sprinting you are doing great. Enjoyed your youtube video on part-time trading.

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