Perks of being an @timothysykes trading challenge student.

If you’ve read any of my trading related posts in the past it will be pretty readily apparent that I’m a big fan of Tim Sykes, and consider him a mentor as well as a friend.

He may be a fervent self promoter but that is just the marketing side of his business. Tim is a great trader, excellent teacher and most of all a good guy. After years of being a Tim Alerts subscriber and attending, as well as speaking at several of his conferences, I decided to step it up a notch and become a Challenge Student.

At some point I’ll get around to reviewing as well as detailing the Challenge program, but thats for another day. Today’s post is related to one of the “perks” of being a student. Tim had a last minute opportunity to charter a $12,000,000 yacht. And instead of being a greedy bastard and taking along 10 prostitutes and a bag of cocaine like most wall streeters would opt to, he chose to invite along FREE OF CHARGE the first handful of students that could commit to traveling last minute.

I was one of the lucky few that had the freedom to fly to the British Virgin Islands on under 24 hours notice. And its an opportunity that I am grateful I chose not to pass up. Not only was it a great time and some awesome weather and scenery. But also an awesome chance to meet a bunch of great traders and make some new friends.

On the first night we stayed at a beautiful house on the Island of Tortola and were served an awesome breakfast by the host family.



The natural scenery of the British Virgin Islands is difficult to describe. The water and mountains as well as sunshine are something you really need to see in person to appreciate. It was especially breathtaking considering I had been languishing in -10 degrees for weeks back home in Michigan.



While I would have gladly eaten shitty food all week in exchange for sunshine and 80 degrees, the food was all top notch! Tim is somewhat of a foodie and made sure the onboard gourmet chef was pushed to the limits preparing every meal!


While Sykes and all the other traders on the trip made money trading I spent 90% of my time laying in the sun. I may not be as greedy as the average stock trader. But I also realize EVERY day there will be a new opportunity. So I chose not to waste beautiful weather and great scenery to sit inside hunched over a laptop.

Tim actually chewed me out at one point for not trading, but hey I’d rather jump on this 50 foot water slide and have some fun!

I was for sure sad to fly away and leave this:


Only to come home to 10 degrees and a six foot drift of snow engulfing my house:

If you are interested in stock trading, and struggling to find the best way to learn how to trade. I highly recommend following Sykes and subscribing to one of his educational programs. There are few products/services in trading that offer as much value as his. And who knows you might be able to participate in the next trip he offers students!

4 thoughts on “Perks of being an @timothysykes trading challenge student.”

  1. Hey Tim,

    I have been researching stocks and trading for a while. I have been looking at Sykes and a few others but I wanted to get a student’s outlook. I will start out with 3-5k, most likely single account at first. Would the TimAlerts be a good idea to compare with?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Yeah I think with a smallish account like that Timalerts would be a great start. Its a great way to start learning how to scan and select stocks to trade. Just remember, use it as a learning tool, don’t just blindly follow the alerts.


  3. Seems like only people named “Tim” can be millionaires!

    Haha! Congratulations and best of luck to you!

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