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Welcome to Kabam.com! What is the point of this blog, well I’ve been trying to answer that question for about 3 years? I initially started this site as timbo.cmsinter.net and at first it was really just a depository for dumb links and assorted miscellany I would stumble across on the web. When I first turned the site up I had great intentions of using the blog as a place to practice and eventually sharpen my writing skills. I’ve always had a great interest in writing but never had an outlet for it. Unfortunately the blog was easy to get up and running, finding something to write about wasn’t. I would estimate in three years I have posted 3-5 what I would call “real” blog posts. Something that took thought, was written halfway decent and maybe helped or informed the reader.

Ideally the poor performance of this blog as some sort of informative tool will end now. I have three primary interests outside of my Family. Fitness, Finance and Productivity. This blog will focus on my pursuits of these interests. By relaying my gains in this three categories as well as detailing the products and techniques I use to enhance performance I hope to create a valuable site for anyone looking to improve in these aspects as well.

I have always been interested in the world of finance, I actually have distinct memories of checking on stock quotes while in early elementary school. I would wait for Dad to get home with the evening paper and scan several stocks of particular interest. IBM because it was one of the highest priced stocks of the time, Federal Mogul, because that is where my father was employed and other high profile stocks. While I, like pretty much everyone dabbled in stock investing I had little to no success using the standard methods of fundamental research and buy and hold. Only after discovering Tim Sykes style of Pennystocking have I had any real success. By learning and adapting the ideas of short selling overhyped small caps stocks I have as of Summer 2009 gained over 50K in profits while using what most would consider a small account. I hope to help the reader by recapping trades and relaying the methods I use to find and trade these stocks profitably. I also have some very strong opinions on the world of finance, business and markets. Which I will comment on regularly.

While in my youth I had always made a conciencous effort to stay in shape and exercise regularly, starting a family has a tendency to derail any sort of fitness program. It can be very difficult to maintain a regular fitness program while raising very young children. Especially when you have babies that aren t particularly interested in sleeping at night. Of course had I known then what I know now, it would have been much less of an issue. Nevertheless as of Winter 2008 I discovered I was approaching 200lbs and had high blood pressure. I decided “The hell with that!” and started on a rapid path towards weight loss and fitness improvement. One of the best breakthroughs I made was discovering the Turbulence Training method of high intensity exercise for short periods of time. I dropped 35 lbs in six months and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol to near perfect levels. I also made significant dietary changes, which will be detailed in future posts as well.

Even though I have other varied interests, particularly building construction/remodeling the third main leg on my stool of interests would be personal and business productivity enhancement. I have a tremendous passion for my business CMS Internet, which I have grown from a complete startup to a company with over 10000 customers. Along with a great business partner Jeremy Sheets, as well as some of the greatest employees ever, we have bootstrapped a successful and growing business. Everyday I look forward to the challenges of running and growing a business, and striving to find ways to garner efficiency and improve day to day operations. I firmly believe that in order to improve any business process you need to have firm personal workflows and time management. I will make frequent posts on how to enhance these aspects. One of the greatest gains I have made in my conceptual views of productivity was due to the influence of Leo Batutal at Zenhabits. I made the quickest gains in productivity when I learned the concept of simplification. And how to apply simplicity to day to day decisions and workflows.

While my accomplishments may not entirely qualify me to offer advice on how to improve on the three core concepts of this site. I firmly believe that I have learned many techniques and developed a passions for continuing to learn and improve on these goals. Which will ideally help the visitors of this site improve as well.

I’m quite confident that almost every reader has a desire to improve on one or more of the Kabam.com categories, and I hope this site can help with that goal.

Timothy C. Bohen

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