Non Watchlist for 11-27-2015 – $EFUT, $KBIO, $AEZS, $VLTC, $CANF

Today’s Watchlist

I had already thought about it yesterday, but seeing the crazy moves this morning has sealed the deal for me. I’m not trading today, while I know tons of money will be made on these stocks today, lots will be lost as well. My style is more of “grinder” and not a gambler. Couple times I thought, “Hey I’ll just buy 100 shares of KBIO “for the hell of it”. Then I think “Wait it could drop $10 a share in 10 seconds, am I really willing to risk $1K over some stupid guess.” And the answer is “No”.

I have said it for years on the day after Thanksgiving (of course I’m not the first to say this) but totally random shit happens. And this may be the most random of fucking random Black Fridays of all time with this Shrekli lunatic and KBIO.

I wish you all the best and will be back on Monday to see who is left alive 🙂

Just remember if you are trading $KBIO, this evil little creature is your competition.


Thanks to @investorslive for the meme:

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

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