Non watchlist and non trade recap for 6/15-6/16 – REALLY fricking annoying!

No trades yesterday to recap, but I will detail a couple extremely frustrating misses. Two great setups, with very high risk to reward that I flat out missed!! The one congratulatory point I will give myself is that I was damn well prepared and had everything lined up! Shares reserved, plenty of capital to put to work, alerts set, cocked locked and ready to rock. BUT no trades due to busyness…. And yeah I know I shouldn’t let it get to me and just move on to the oppurtunities availible today, but I’m so pissed off doubt I will even watch markets or set alerts today.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


This piece of shit is the only short I’m watching closely, there are several other good opportunities but after getting halfway through building a watch list I keep getting annoyed thinking about IFLG and PBTH so I’m done. SHORT


The pre market plan was to short this if it cracked $8, as you can see below I easily reserved shares at Think or Swim, but due to meetings missed it. Then since it was mid day I refused to short, by the end of the day it had shit the bed by $2 A SHARE from my intended entry point. And will most likely fall further today.. Pisses me off immensely!!!

Screencap was to big for the blog so click the thumbnail for full view.


A stock I had been watching for daaaays, finally broke down. Plus downgraded by an analyst. I had shares and was ready, but same old same old story, to busy to trade them…

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