No Watchlist today – 5/21/2010

Starting at 4:45am I have been swapping modems on my DSL connection trying to get it to stabilize. I think I have a whole pile of bad gear. At this point I have it operating but at such a crappy data rate trying to flip through screens to build a watchlist is infuriating.

If the markets weren’t constantly making new lows and offering up some decent short setups I would probably fight through the speed hassles. But considering I saw nothing particularly interesting on the limited screens I ran screw it…

Besides it will probably be a big PPT induced bounce day before going into the weekend anyway. I don’t anticipate a very short friendly day today.

3 thoughts on “No Watchlist today – 5/21/2010”

  1. PPT man o man you were thinking like what I was. When was your last play and how long you had the site back up and running?

  2. Here’s my trade log:

    The slow year continues…

    And yeah its pretty lame the site was down as long as it was, but between work and family, wrenching on a f’d up blog server gets pushed pretty far down on the to do list 🙂

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