New year, new skill.

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I’ll admit super busy day, this post could probably be summarized in a tweet, but committed to my goal of posting every day. Whether it be fitness, welding, carpentry, programming, plumbing, electrical, or other skills I’ve been committed to improving and getting better every year. Any human can accomplish amazing things in a year if focused.

This year my “side project” is to learn anything and everything I can about crypto currencies. From what I have seen so far all the standard trading methodologies and process’s apply, what I lack is understanding the underlying “fundamentals” and mechanics.

I’ve made this analogy many times, but I built an ISP from the ground up with 14.4K modems all the way up to GB fiber. IMHO we are in the 14.4K modem days of this run.

If you aren’t learning trading, programming or some other skilled trade, mental or physical use the post to redirect your energy. I will be dedicating a couple hours a day to get more in depth, and will blog here about my learning process.

Get strapped in, 2018 has amazing prospects.


2 thoughts on “New year, new skill.”

  1. Right on! I have been investing and learning what I can from Teeka since November 2017. He is a great mentor and teacher like you are!
    Lots to learn and great potential! I have double my investment in one month:)

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