MUST READ by @Nikkorico_ Nikkos’ Trading Blog: Meet Jack

This is not just a “must read” it is a “must RE read, REPEATEDLY!”, great stuff!


I was inspired to write this story because of the problem I used to have and the problem I see many others going through right now. In my opinion, you will never make it in trading if you don’t have a niche. And you will never make it if you are obsessed with trying to be in every single move of every single stock, every single day. This causes a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stress internally. It’s of the utmost importance to have control over your emotions and mental energy before you can expect yourself to be a consistent trader. I don’t touch setups I don’t have extreme conviction and confidence in. They are a complete and utter waste of my time, money, and mental energy. I leave those setups to the vultures.

via Nikkos’ Trading Blog: Meet Jack.

2 thoughts on “MUST READ by @Nikkorico_ Nikkos’ Trading Blog: Meet Jack”

  1. hey tim! one of the struggles im having at the moment is that whilst im studying/researching im focused and i seem to get the grasp of ideas however once im in front of the market, my head is all over the place – i end up overwhelmed and back to the drawing boards… i guess not having yet found or decided on focusing on one setup is a part of this… What would you say has helped you the most in finding your own niche?

    i) Backtesting ideas
    ii) Live experience
    iii) Papertrading

    I think I might have already answered this question in my head, and that would be live experience, I am just not willing to accept it yet because live experience might also mean burning through funds…!

    Kuddos for the blog once again… anytime i have something in my mind i always like to search a keyword on your blog – i really do get great value from your angle towards trading/life!

  2. For sure #2, real world experience. It’s kind of like sports or fighting, you can train all you want, but at some point you gotta get your ass kicked to get better.

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