March 2012 – Fitness Project

Well winter has made me pretty freaking lazy even though it has been milder then normal. Since I’m ready to quit being a worthless sloth, I’ve decided to take my typical sledgehammer approach to to solving the problem.

So I’m announcing the March Fitness “do something fitness related every day” project.


I’ve always had good results with projects that I’ve posted publically about and blogged about. Not to mention, that I’ve rambled about this site being some sort of fitness related blog, so in theory I should probably actually post about fitness related shit eh??

My hope is that by pushing to train every day and then at least report the results I can start getting in the mode of offering useful content, as opposed to just posting  my training logs. Which really don’t have a whole lot of use to anyone but me.

I’ll be using a Turbulence Training program for the project, not sure exactly which one, but I’ve gotten my best results through the years using Craig Ballantynes stuff, if your looking for structured workout programs, buy his shit. Feel free to use my link, I’m to lazy to even plug in my affiliate code so I get nothing if you buy something.

Then I’ll be filling in random stuff on off days, most likely pulled from this list of funky activities:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Sprints
  • Sled Pushes
  • Treadmill Intervals
  • Jumping Rope
  • Dog walks – this will probably be a Sunday thing, that way I can have an “off” day but still get something in.

My question for you dear reader, how should I track progress?

The scale is a very ineffective metric for me since I’ve been unable to alter my weight from 172lbs for about a year. Of course, part of this project will be aggressively improving the quality of my sleep which I hope will allow me to increase my muscle mass. Since I’ve tried just about every other trick in the book I’m very confident rest and recovery is my biggest roadblock at this point. Work related stress shitcan’s my sleep cycle most nights, if I can tweak my sleep, I’m hopeful I can get to 180lbs before summer.

So back to my progress question, ugh I hate to even mention it, but am I doomed to posting the obligatory douchebag shirtless photo? I shudder to think about it, but it seems to be the norm for this sort of project

Feel free to ask any question. Whether in the comments or on formspring, or Twitter/FB etc.

I’ll also hopefully be blogging about diet and supplements at some point during this project. So stay tuned for that as well, it seems to a perennial favorite for questions

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