One thought on “links for 2010-12-03”

  1. Fitness question. So, whenever I’ve lifted weights, I’ve always tried to start at about 7 reps, and then as the days go by move up to 12 reps using the same weight. Once I got to 12, then I would increase weight and start at 7 reps, move up to 12, increase weight and start at 7, move up to 12, increase weight and start at 7, etc. I thought it was a pretty basic lifting plan.

    But recently, I seem to get stuck at 9-10 reps, regardless of the weight. I’ll go for weeks/months on the same weight, never able to get to 11 or 12. Sometimes I would even just get frustrated and go to the next weight anyway, and it often turns out I can do 7 reps anyway (not like I needed to get to 12 on the prior weight to get up to the next weight @ 7 reps).

    Since noticing this, I’m thinking of just changing the “7-12” policy to “4-9.” I know, not exactly a drastic change, and kind of a stupid question. Anyway, I’m just wondering if you think going for these lower reps is a bad idea and if I should still try to get to double-digits for some health reason, or if 4-9 would be just fine. Thanks!

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