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  1. TED is really a revolutionary organization. Up there with Wikileaks and Wikipedia. Absolutely no doubt. I would say that watching and reacting to TED videos would teach you more than some university programs.

  2. Yeah TED is awesome, both from an educational standpoint, but also from a presentation standpoint. Since public speaking is my current skill development project, its cool to watch all the best presenters. Plus learn something at the same time!

  3. My (lowly) final undergraduate project was “The Effective Use of Presentation Software in Lecture-Based Instruction.” Before graduating, I did a PowerPoint presentation about presenting with PowerPoint 🙂 to a few groups around campus. One of the main sources for my project was You would probably like…

    …and other posts listed on the righthand side of the “popular posts” section. This particular style is called “Lessig,” and I guarantee if you ever use it for a presentation and do it well, your audience will love you :-). I actually emailed Dick Hardt and got his permission to copycat his presentation style, and he had no problems with sharing! So whenever I do presentations now, as long as I have a projector available, I always start out with a 2-minute Lessig-style self-introduction. Can’t go wrong.

    Anyway, check out some of those “popular posts” and you might find some quick ways to improve your presentation/speaking skills. The website focuses on PowerPoint, but there are a lot of general articles on presentations as well. Like I said, it was my primary resource.

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