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  1. Hey Michael,

    I am pretty new when it comes to tim’s material – though, i’m quite experienced in the market and knows my Technical Analysis amongst other stuff.

    The DVDs i have are his: Pennystocking, Pennystocking Part Deux, TimRaw, and TimFundamental.

    In the pennystocking dvds, they’re basically just teaching people the basics of chart patterns, simple supply/demand areas, base/breakout… etc etc.

    On covestor, it says that all those positions were held for 1-3 days…. yet in his dvds, he says most of the time he exits his positions before the close so as to not have any risk overnight.

    i’m a bit confused about how he plays them… i know all the work put in to research and all the chart pattenrs and what not….. so say he found a stock he liked on the daily chart. nice pattern, just had a supernova, how would he play that? short it intraday one day when he sees weakness? or short it on the daily chart and hold it for 1-3 days?

    this is hte part i’m confused about. perhaps you can describe the process better and more clearly.

    do you have skype? perhaps we can text chat on there? 🙂

  2. Hi Timothy,

    Just figured I’d write to let you know that my friend is still checking out the technology. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to really assess it, but he finds it pretty interesting to say the least! He’s just a Ph.D student in chemistry, and obviously I’m not equipped to pay him much for his work, so doubt I’ll really get anything valuable. Nonetheless, PBTH is definitely one of those “whuh?” stocks of this year. What, exactly, are you selling to cause a stock chart like that? hehe. Will let you know if I hear anything valuable from my friend.

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