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Joe Rogan questions everything on Syfy starting Wednesday, July 24th at 10 p.m. EST. The show will explore many different avenues of unexplained events and phenomena. Season 1 topics include:


Weaponized Weather: Are governments are harnessing the most destructive force available – the weather? Strange cloud trails that weren’t prevalent years ago now criss-cross the globe daily, and they don’t dissipate like other clouds. Many people suspect these aren’t simple aircraft contrails; rather, that they’re are from aircraft pumping chemicals into the atmosphere, in an effort to manipulate the climate. True or not? Joe investigates – including interviewing people flying these actual planes!

Bigfoot: Does Bigfoot have a human mother and is the government hiding knowledge of the elusive creature (yes, you read that right)? Joe Rogan’s on a mission to find out. By the way, throw everything you think you know about Bigfoot, because the truth is stranger than (possible) fiction.

Biopocalypse: Are man made diseases going to spell the end of the world? Joe’s on the case – which involves traveling to the world’s largest underground survivalist bunker AND getting into the same room with some killer, man-made viruses.

The Afterlife: Russian Billionaire, Dmitry Itskov, is sponsoring and building his own private robotic army in an effort to turn humanity into a race of immortal cyborgs. We’re not kidding. Joe Rogan’s got questions. See what answers Dmitry has.

Do Aliens Exist? It’s a question we’ve asked for centuries, but Joe’s taking a different investigation route – including the exploration of some supposed portals out west.

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