@investorslive DVD halfway point review

Halfway through and so far awesome stuff. Great production and info! This half has been a lot of the basics. But still great info. Excited to be getting into the meat of it this afternoon.

If you are a new trader or something interested in getting started the first 5 chapters are golden!!

Check it out here: http://investorslive.com/dvd-access/

4 thoughts on “@investorslive DVD halfway point review”

  1. I will be posting a full review, via text and video as soon as I wrap up the second half, hopefully this weekend.

  2. “…so far awesome stuff. Great production and info!”

    You call that a ‘review’? Seriously? ‘Halfway point review’?


  3. I know it is pretty lame. But I just wanted to get it out there that so far its good stuff.

    I have all kinds of notes to do a full review when I’m done.

  4. Been trading for years, saw this DVD but wondered what new things he could have discussed, could u let us know which topics are covered in this DVD?

    I know it’s a A-Z thing, but I’m talking about the highlights

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