How Traders Can Bring Simplicity to Their Lives

The trading world can easily get complicated, to say the least. The complexities of managing trades, relationships, finances, and every hurdle in between can all make a job as a trader extremely stressful. Whether you are a professional trader full-time or work in virtually any field, if your work life feels cluttered, you feel underutilized and overworked or you frequently feel that you are always busy, but not necessarily productive, then your work life may be far too complicated.

This is when it is time to start simplifying. People often feel this way in the workplace because their professional lives are too cluttered and they need to find a way to cut through the clutter and the mess in order to simplify things and get more done.

Whether you call it and essentialists mindset or a simplicity mindset, taking this approach to clarifying, decluttering and simplifying can truly change the lives of those who feel overwhelmed or bogged down by their professional life.

What is an Essentialist Mindset?

An essentialist mindset is not about getting everything done, or even about getting more done, it is about getting the right things done. When adapting this simplicity mindset in your professional life, don’t think about it as a management technique or a strategy to boost productivity, think of it as introducing more discipline into your life.

In order to cut through the clutter and to improve and simplify your professional life, you need to be disciplined in determining what is completely essential, and blocking out everything is not. What does this do in the end? It helps busy professionals focus on the things that really matter so they can get done, get done right and get done efficiently.

If you are more specific and selective about what you are focusing your time on and choose to be disciplined enough to only hone in on the essential tasks in front of you, then you will start to see that clutter, stress and feeling of being busy yet not productive melt away. 

This mindset is all about taking control of your life and of your time and choosing where your time and energy goes, instead of letting others do it for you.

The Discipline of Doing Less 

If you want to really adopt this essentialist mindset and apply it to your everyday life, then you need to know how to make it applicable to your situation. Simply put, this mindset is all about having the discipline to do less. This doesn’t mean being lazy or saying “no” to everything that you don’t want to do, it is all about discernment and about honestly choosing what responsibilities are the right ones to focus on.

In our world today, there is so much emphasis placed on being able to do more, work more or fit in more to your day. It can be all consuming, it can be stressful and it can lead to a very overwhelming way of life.

So, if you want to start simplifying, the first thing that you need to do is to focus on what you really want and narrow down what it is that you actually want to achieve. You can’t “have it all” you need to focus on what is important and what you want to accomplish, so you can block out all of the rest.

Once you have done this, here are some tips on how to actually cut through the noise and focus on this achievement that you feel is important.

  • Take your time before saying “yes.” This is a great practice for traders who often find themselves thinking too quickly on their feet due to the fast-paced nature of their workplace. Take your time when making decisions. Don’t let external pressure make decisions for you.
  • Don’t let endowment rule your life. There is a very substantiated theory that we value opportunities and objects more if we don’t have them. Just because you don’t have something, it doesn’t mean that it has a higher value. In other words, the grass isn’t always greener.
  • Avoid FOMO. FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out is a serious issue that impacts many people. You need to get over your FOMO and accept the fact that sometimes there is great joy in “missing out” and that new opportunities can come when you say “no.”
  • Don’t make life about being popular. One of the biggest things that causes people to get in these cluttered, stressful environments is that they worry so much about being popular and what other people think about them. Don’t worry about doing things that will get people to like you in the short-term, worry about earning respect for your success in the long-term.

The key to making this work of course is control and discipline. The essentialism mindset can work for any person, even high-stress traders, and it can help you cut through the rest of the clutter in your life so you can focus on your trades and focus on making money. However, if you want it to work, you must be willing to sacrifice, give up certain things and be disciplined enough to ignore the outside distractions that are getting in your way.

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