How to Make Millions – DVD Review by @timothysykes Introduction and Table of Contents

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I’ve been asked by Tim Sykes to review his DVD for quite some time. I have watched most of Tim’s training materials through the years and felt like I had gotten quite a bit of value from them. I had avoided watching and reviewing “How to Make Millions” simply because it is so lengthy (35 hours). But this long weekend I had some free time so I committed to powering through it.

First off before we get too far. Yes I know Tim Sykes gets bashed a lot online, mainly due to his over the top marketing style. But he has also been through the ringer of trading for 15+ years. Has he migrated from being a “trader” into being a “teacher” over the last few years, yes. And he would be the first to state that, as he does numerous times in this DVD alone. So if your goal is to bash Sykes and/or any sort of trading training materials, save your time, stop reading and move on. If you are interested in a comprehensive and VERY low cost (at the time of this post $297) program to learn the basics and some intermediate lessons of trading this is it.

And, yes I realize the title “How to Make Millions” is very hyperbolic, and the title is probably the biggest reason this program gets bashed. BUT I can defend that title in one simple statement that I would say is the “subtitle” of this DVD. Tim states it over and over through the DVD. At NO POINT does he give the suggestion that you will make $1M overnight or even quickly for that matter. But this statement is “Make 1000 trades for $1000 in profits and you can make $1,000,000 trading.” Yes that is a bold statement, but it is possible, though VERY difficult and time consuming. Again Tim makes no reference to it being easy and actually spends a lot of time detailing the high level of difficulty.

Also all proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to charity which is pretty impressive considering I believe the amount of sales is approaching $1M. That is a lot of money to go to charity, money that Sykes could have put in his own pocket. This is probably the BIGGEST reason I chose to commit to viewing and reviewing this package. Not only is it an introduction to a new career with unlimited potential but every purchase goes back to charity. It’s a double edged sword of goodness!

Ok enough background, onto the actual material. This series of posts will be broken down into chapter by chapter reviews/recaps. I will be writing these posts daily until complete with all of them linked back here. So in essence I would call this post the “Table of Contents”, upon completion of the chapter by chapter review I will post a final overall review.

Each Chapter or Disc average around 3 hours each: