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Well so far my reviews have been in my opinion unbiased but glowing. But we have hit our first official bump in the road… This chapter is a pre recorded live webinar focusing on $TCCO. Unfortunately since there is a live chat function in the webinars Tim migrates from being 90% professional in the earlier powerpoint presentations to more of the “stock market showman” in this webinar. The video and audio are very mediocre, and Tim is very “ranty” so the audio is frequently overdriven.

Now that being said there is useful instruction here, Sykes lays out the trade on $TCCO and it was instructional to see him dig through an SEC filing and give his live thoughts as he worked through it. Also some pretty good breakdown of a live feed of Level2. Though again the video is very low resolution so you have to almost fully depend on Sykes commentary because you can barely if at all read the numbers on his Level2 montage.

Some funny stories related to celebrities involved in penny stocks attempting to sue Tim, as well as the first appearance of one of Tim’s favorite anecdotes the “Weekend at Bernies penny stock”.

I won’t go so far as to say this chapter should be skipped, there was good info here, but there was just to much ranting and playing to the webinar crowd to make it as good as the other chapters. Who knows if the first few chapters had not been so solid perhaps I would not be so negative on this one? In comparison to the mostly professional and structured first 4 chapters this was just too random and all over the place. Plus the video and audio just made it a little frustrating to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5


Webinar on TCCO

TCCO why a webinar
-biggest % gainer
-always check them out


Sykes runs through top gainers and describes why or why not to trade them. Useful to see the process.

The always classic “Weekend at Bernies” analogy

++ “If a trade is not doing what you want, there is NOTHING wrong with having NO position”

Useful to see Sykes go through an SEC filing

Holiday trading discussion – careful as a short

Dead pump bounce – and shorting

AUDIO VERY Overdriven/loud

Advice on breaking losing streaks
-trade smaller
-take a break
-review your diary/trade log

Always review trades daily or at a minimum weekly.

Some ranting but useful from the perspective of NOT OVERTRADING and forcing mediocre trades.

Funny story about misspelling of “egregious” in Shaq cease and desist order.

Very “ranty” entertaining, though a little limited in value.

Interesting to see live trading, but sloooow, not that interesting of tickers.

Live trading of TCCO
-good L2 commentary
-though resolutions is low so hard to see
-Low float
-Contract winner

Followup the next day on TCCO

Low float stocks with news can be great longs.

HGSH – Recap

ECRY – Recap

Weakest chapter so far, to much randomness and ranting, there was good content, but also too much BS.

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