How to Make Millions – DVD Review by @timothysykes Disc 13

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This chapter is listed as “bonus material” So it is just a kind of catchall of random video clips. good stuff though I had seen everything already. A lot of these clips are available on youtube. The best quality content is for sure the Roundtable Q and A from one of the Pennystocking conferences a few years back.

This roundtable is composed of Nate (@investorslive), Gregg (@LX21), Paul Scolardi (supertrades) and Sykes. There are some solid questions and great answers, as well as some funny clips and discussion. It’s cool and interesting to see all these guys in one place and hear their unique spin on things. I did attend this conference so I had already seen this before. But if you have not it’s a must watch and worth the time.

While the actual education in this chapter is a little light, it’s a fun light hearted chapter that does a good job of ending the package on a fun note.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Only rated this low because the actual actionable content is light, though the entertainment value is high.)


Bonus materials

Harvard speech good, but also on youtube

Q and A with traders from 2010ish

lots of random questions but quality content
Level2 commentary
refresh buyers and sellers
OTC vs nasdaqs
Try and figure out which market makers are retail and which are institutional
you can swing and dayrade but don’t let one turn into the other.
definition of parabolic]

Wait for the best setups

Mansion tour – also on youtube

Maldives video with Grittani

Lots of Grittani highlights/news etc

No sorry no cry music video – classic

Bali video

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