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Gonna run through this review pretty quickly, I’ve got errands to do later and the market appears to be falling apart right now (9AM January 15th.). But if you are curious what is in this chapter check the notes below, I think I do a very solid job of breaking it down and logging.

This chapter is composed of two presentations, one my Michael Goode (reapertrades/goodetrades) and Tim Gritanni (kroyrunner89). Both of these speeches are VERY valuable, Tim and Michael are both great traders and you can tell they put a lot of time and thought into these presentations. The one criticism would be neither of them are “Steve Jobs” level presenters. BUT that is just being nit picky, they are both borderline “genius” traders so even though their presentation skills aren’t next level, the content is.

90% of the content in these speeches is useful and actionable. Great chapter.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5.00


Michael Goode
-1st millionaire student
-chat moderator
-2014 Presentation
-Personal history
-Breakdown of performance based on promoter
-How to define a potential trade idea
-Citron/Hit Pieces
-Check for changes apps
-how to scan for changes on site
-form submit, but you can write code to check
-Trade Busts
-Interesting story on LEXG
-Trade tricks on IB to get shorts
-GTC orders
Good real world/backend trading info
Halt explanation/breakdown

2011 Presentation I think
-Super Secret Strat
-Good work ethic description
-devil is in the details
-Good mentality and thought process discussion
-Try and understand what no one else understands
-Trade the news
-Hoe to locate this stocks with news
-update patrol and other apps to check websites for change
-Good scaling in discussion going in harder on your best setups
-Options discussion

-background from Sykes
-profit chart
-Presentation from Grittani
-Back in the OTC days
-History from Grittani
-Lots of good examples
-Best lesson, just catch the meat of the move and not try and catch tops and bottoms
-Lot out of date because of pumps not as active and halts and OTC’s not as active
-As a beginner control your size

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