How to choose a muscle building/training goal?

I love training and have always used Turbulence Trainings’s great training log sheets as my goal platform. I get a ton of great satisfaction filling a sheet up and moving onto the next program.

But lately I’ve been struggling a little mentally about “What am I training for, what are my goals?”

I have no desire to become a distance runner but one thing I’m jealous of is having something concrete to train for. “Next marathon in 3 months I’ll finish 15 minutes faster.” etc.

When you are weight training what do you use for goals?

Are weight metrics good? ie:

Add x amount of weigh to my squat and deadlift?

Or physical metrics? ie:

Add x inches to my chest size or arms?

I’ve found when I can put a number on something I can greatly increase my productivity.

Looking for ideas! Thanks

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