$GEVO 5-7-2015 – Trade notes

Disclaimer: I plan on doing this on all trades going forward, to fight overtrading and help my growth and review. I had a lot more trades on $GEVO today but chose to work on this going forward. I had like 6 trades on $GEVO today and all unsuccessful (long and short) but as I look back I don’t really recall what my thesis was. Annoying, I HATE impulsiveness and lack of discipline, but I’m making simple little mistakes that can be cured with more forced thought. And by writing out every trade it will create that. Sure I might miss an entry by a little because of typing but oh well.

Type of Trade: Low float flyer

Initial Entry: $5.40 @ 13:28

Plan: Add into breakdown, stop at flat.

Entry Notes: Fought this all morning while not being patient on entries. Even tried long, frustrated that I never checked float pre market. Had I done that I would have moved my entries way up, especially considering the low float madness lately.

Add: $5.12 @ 14:19

Add Notes: Really feels like its finally over, its 2:30 morning hope is evaporated. Would like to add under $5.

Update: 14:41 cracked $5 but bounced slightly, still waiting for panic into close.

Partial Exit: $4.90

Final Exit: $5.13

Closing Notes: Gave it time, but was gearing back up through $5, was afraid the true believers would be back for an EOD push. In closing THIS was a good trade. All the others today not so much. Biggest bummer had I not made the mindless trades this morning, I would have a better attitude and probably be more likely to let this ride, for better or worse.

P/L: +$670.00

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