Free Public Trading Webinar – March 10th @ 4:15PM


I will be hosting a free webinar at Investors Underground, topics and discussion will be focused around part time trading and how to specifically use the products and services at Investors Underground. My focus will be on how to use the products and services at IU to speed up your learning curve as well as how to save time pre market and during the trading day. Finding and targeting only the best potential trades is a constant battle for a part time trader. IU is a hugely valuable asset in narrowing down 10,000 tickers to 5-6 each day.

Topics will include:

  • How I use IU daily
    • Nightly Scans
    • Pre market human “screener”
    • Mid day check in – filter by ticker
    • Updates from Moderators
  • How I filter all of the tickers from the above bullets, create alerts and focus on the best stocks of the day.
  • Examples of recent trades straight out of the chat room and commentary.

Also feel free to submit any questions or potential topics of discussion in the comments section of this post. Or submit them via email through the form in the upper right of this blog.


Register for the webinar here:

3 thoughts on “Free Public Trading Webinar – March 10th @ 4:15PM”

  1. awesome! would like to say thank you for dedicating your time into free webinars…. hopefully i will be joining IU soon 🙂

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