Followup post to reiterate how much of an idiot I am… $OREX

A quick followup to this post from the other day, Part time shorting, AKA how to completely screw up and make $500 bucks..

If you take a quick peek at the chart below you will see concrete evidence of how much of an idiot I am. What kind of short seller covers into that kind of price action?!??!

Yes, again, I MADE MONEY, but giving up literally THOUSANDS of dollars of potential profits simply because of impatience is foolish.

It would be nice to say, “I’ll never do that again.” but if there is one lesson I’ve learned in trading, you will always make the same mistakes over and over. The key is to minimize the effects of those mistakes. Any trader that tells you he has not made the same mistake tens or hundreds of times is full of shit. Trading is like baseball, a game of mistakes.

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