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Final Review:

This will be the final recap and review of Tim Sykes How to Make Millions DVD series. Keep in mind this is only the summary, in this series of posts I go through chapter by chapter with a relatively high level of detail. I also give a stream of bullet points detailing what each chapter is composed of. Just keep that in mind that this post is not the complete review. If you want all the detail and are on the fence about purchasing, go through the full series of posts.

I mention in the introduction that I have viewed lots and lots of trading DVD’s through the years. Some good, some ok and some decent. Sykes past DVD’s have been all across this scale, many very good, one maybe two kinda bad, and several right in the middle. This DVD I can honestly say is his best, ESPECIALLY for new or beginning traders. The content is great and comprehensive and pretty well organized. Plus when you factor in the low price and 100% of proceeds going to charity the value is ratcheted up considerably.

While trading “gurus/furu’s” (I hate this term BTW) and trading DVD’s get a pretty bum rap on the internet especially twitter. In my opinion there really is no better way to learn for the beginner. I go back to the first time I viewed Sykes Pennystocking I DVD in 2007-2008 I think. It was a mess production wise, bad/no editing, rambling and disorganized, but I STILL learned sooo much and truly considered it instrumental in improving my trading, especially in relation to short selling. Now sure you can probably find a majority of this info free on youtube, that’s what most the haters will say. But you will spend countless hours trying to find the right content, then hopefully it is actually useful and the presenter doesn’t make you want to gouge your ears out. Video learning is the future, you could easily buy 10X the amount of trading books from Amazon, spend 100’s of more hours reading and STILL not learn REAL WORLD what Sykes teaches in this DVD.

Sure will 20 year veterans of trading say “It’s basic” but where the hell are you supposed to start if you are new to trading? Other haters will say “Don’t learn from Sykes he’s just a Furu” but ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of this DVD goes to charity. Jealous losers will reply “All this can be found free on the internet.” As I mentioned above, good luck wading into those weeds and losing your eternal soul to trying to find all this info organized in one place, all you have to do is click play.

In summary, if you are a new trader, I really am not aware of a better value to get started in trading. Will you be able to “Make Millions” after watching this DVD, maybe but its a longshot. But can you take the first step towards become a Consistently Profitable Trader and start expanding your skill set to some day in the future “Make Millions”. Yes this DVD is a very solid first step along the road to the success.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    Love the reviews/scans/recaps. You mentioned that you read/watch a lot of trading content. Any chance of a “Top 10 list” post?
    Thank you

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