$FB, Facebook testing ‘Want’ button plugin

Oh my goodness, I just pulled a complete 180 from a “$FB, will never make money” basher to realizing they will make more money then any company ever!!

What better way to cash in then sell shit people don’t need to the people that think possessions will improve their shitty lives somehow?!? I.e. the prototypical hard core low self esteem $FB user!!’

I’m selling all my possessions including my house and putting it ALL into $FB stock!!


Just as the Like button allowed Facebook to collect massive amounts of data about users’ interests, the Want button could be a key way for the social network to collect desire-based data. A Want button plugin will make it easy for e-commerce and other sites to implement this type of Facebook functionality without having to build their own apps. Many of these sites are already using the Like button, but Liking a product could mean users already have it or that they are interested in getting it. Being able to distinguish between these groups of people and target ads to either one could be very powerful for advertisers and help make Facebook a stronger competitor to Google AdWords.

via Facebook testing ‘Want’ button plugin.

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