E.D.D. – Part Time Pennystocks Ebook – Day 2

2 Day’s in a Row – 56 Days till 2012 Pennystocking Conference 


1069 Words – Introduction to Pennystocking.

My goal is to hit 1000ish words a day. Solid progress and decent flow, probably could have kept going, but hit a nice stopping point and noticed the word counter was at 1K+ so packed it in.

2 thoughts on “E.D.D. – Part Time Pennystocks Ebook – Day 2”

  1. Good work job Tim, Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) does something similar where he does 30 day challenges. I have also started my own 30 day challenge this month where I jog every day for a minimum of 30 mins. Already seeing results. Keep it up

  2. Thanks, I’m pumped to finally be making real progress after 3-4 years of talking about creating this ebook!

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