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In order to improve my overall discipline, which will invariably improve my trading discipline I’ve decided to pursue another month of Victor Pride’s 30 Day’s of Discipline.

I have more or less been following about 8 out of 10 of them all summer, but made a couple tweaks to the plan. Mainly because I’ve opted to give up alcohol for the summer in order to get in better shape as well as create more mental clarity. Seeing Tim Ferriss’s NOBNOM challenge got me motivated to announce it publicly and put more energy towards daily discipline.

My trading has been solid all summer, but several break downs in simple decisions and planning have frustrated me. This often starts from lack of planning and preparation in the morning. Most of Victors rules revolve around a solid morning routine. And while as far as I know he has nothing to do with trading the ideas click with me because I find when I have a solid morning that goes as planned and I hit all my steps, trading profits follow.

And while he does not extol giving up booze Ferriss’s plan does. I decided to mash them up and create a plan to make my mornings and day’s more consistent and full of energy. Staying up to late and drinking beer creates mid afternoon fatigue for me. Mid afternoon fatigue coupled with boring markets breeds losing trades faster than the movie Gremlins…

I also need to free up focused time to complete my Part Time Pennystocks book before September. So by forcing discipline and a tighter routine I think I increase my odds of hitting my goal considerably.

Below are links as well as my tweaked mashup plan.

1) For 30 days there is no consumption of beer or alcohol.

2) For 30 days must wake up daily around 5am.

3) For 30 days you must take cold showers.

4) For 30 days there is no masturbation or internet pornography allowed.

5) For 30 days you must do 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 body squats per day.

6) For 30 days there is no snacking. Only 3 meals per day maximum can be consumed.

7) Every day for 30 days you will have a ‘to-do’ list that you must accomplish.

8) Every day for 30 days you must keep correct posture – stand up straight, chest held high, head held high and make eye contact with everyone.

9) Every day for 30 days your answers to yes or no questions are “Yes” or “No”. Excuses and ex- planations do not follow your answer.

10) Every day for 30 days you must keep a notebook and pen with you.

11) You must have one specific and definite goal. This is something you will choose.

12) You can take a lazy Sunday morning and wake up later, but Sunday is used to prepare. You must review all notes for the week, go over plans for the week ahead and jot out your short-term to-do list and your longer-term to-do list.



2 thoughts on “Daily Discipline – mashup of @victor_pride and @tferriss”

  1. Tim, I love the discipline you have. I need to know how you are able to follow such a strick plan with kids? I have two children, a toddler and a newborn. Any good words of advice as to staying disiplined, as I have just recently became a part time trader. Thanks.

  2. Well, thats quite the family workload! 🙂

    I’ll be the first to admit that I did not come close to this plan with a newborn, they for for sure introduce a lot of randomness and lack of sleep!

    I was however blessed with a kickass wife, I’m hoping you have a great partner to help you out.

    For me, and I think many traders, 90% of the discipline boils down to getting up early and putting in a daily routine of watchlists, reading, and planning.

    So my advice would be just like in my routine where 5-9PM is family time – NON NEGOTIABLE, give your children that time undivided and let your wife chill and relax. Then come bedtime you are off the clock so that you can sleep and recover to get up early.

    Not sure if that will work for you, again three kids with newborn is a lot of work!

    But this way you spend that quality evening time with the kids and give your wife the much needed time to chill!

    I see it improving you as a trader, father and husband.

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