Cold Exposure Explained

In today’s market, experts and health care professionals alike are trying to find new ways to introduce natural therapies to become more youthful, energetic and healthier. One of the biggest trends within this industry is known as cold exposure, and it is helping countless people from around the globe to improve their overall health and well-being.

So what exactly is cold exposure? 

As the name suggests, cold exposure is the act of purposefully exposing yourself to extreme cold conditions. One of the biggest benefits of putting the body in such extreme colds is to help increase metabolic rate as it will produce heat in the body that can cause weight loss.

However, long-term studies have found that there are even more benefits of cold exposure therapy, which is why so many people looking for natural ways to treat chronic ailments are trying cold exposure therapy help their bodies recover.

Athletes have also been using cold exposure therapy as a way to treat minor injuries and to help prevent the body from going into a state of stress following an injury. With cold exposure therapy, you are putting your body in a state to help kick their repair mechanisms into overdrive, so after a workout your body will rebuild its muscles even stronger than they were before. It is the same approach the body uses to help itself recover from muscle tears.

While cold exposure therapy can be as simple as going outside in freezing temperatures wearing little clothing, there are studios around the country that have created special chambers for those who want to quickly and easily try this therapy solution. There are others that cover themselves with “ice vests” that will help bring their overall body temperature down.

The Wim Hof Method

One of the biggest proponents of cold exposure is a man by the name of Wim Hof, who developed the Wim Hof Method. Hof has become an international sensation in recent years not only from his cold exposure therapy programs but from some of his truly unbelievable stunts and achievements.

He climbed Mount Everest in only shorts and shoes, ran a half marathon barefoot in shorts during a brutal Finland winter, and he holds 20 Guinness World Records all related to exposing himself to extreme colds.

This is where he began teaching others about cold exposure. Cold exposure is part of his three pillars of training which includes purposeful breathing, regular meditation and the addition of cold exposure.

The focus of this program is to help you improve your health, well-being and your immune system. The focus of the program is on more than just weight loss or overcoming a hamstring injury, it is about discipline, mental toughness and focus.

Hof, also known as “The Iceman” developed his system to help people manipulate their immune system so that it can adapt to situations where the body is under stress. This can be from an illness, or a change in environment, or simply mental stress. 

Wim Hof created this method based on the ideas that the average person fails to exposure their body to different environments on a daily basis. If the body was exposed to these varying elements, it would be better equipped to handle stress when it presents itself. In short, we aren’t pushing our bodies enough on a regular basis, so when our bodies are pushed from stress, they fail to recover.

According to the Wim Hof Method, doing these regular cold exposure exercises will help you gain more mental clarity, lower your stress levels and look and feel stronger and more toned. There is also a mental benefit that comes with adding this sort of disciplined stress-inducing experience to your routine, which the method claims will help build mental toughness and focus.

No matter what approach you choose to take when it comes to exploring cold therapy, there is a great deal of research that has been done on the process of taking your body and putting it in an extreme situation such as this. Whether you are trying to treat an injury, build muscle, improve your focus, boost your immune system or just lose a few pounds, this therapy may be the key you have been looking for.

As one of the new, most talked about natural therapies on the market today, cold exposure is getting a great deal of attention. Have you tried cold exposure therapy yet? 

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