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Why did he have to tell me how much everyone made? Doesn’t he know it crushes my self-esteem? I never want to look at what other traders make. It bothers me way too much. All you twats on Twitter who respond to PnL screenshots and say it’s inspiring… fuck you guys! Do you all piss rainbows and unicorns too? Where do you get your goddamn positive attitude from? I look at that stuff and I just feel small and insecure. I feel so low that I contemplating quitting forever and then maybe live in some cheap asian country. You know that quote about how people hate seeing in others what they don’t see in themselves? It’s one of those bullshit pictures on Facebook that people post… it’s kinda true about me. That’s me when I see results I can’t reach. I hate myself. I hate how afraid and gutless I am.

Source: Churning and Burning: Two Mornings in August

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