Chopping Wood and Testosterone

When is the last time that you went out in your yard and chopped some wood? While wood chopping used to be quite common—it is no longer as regular of a practice as it once was, which is a real shame.

This is because chopping wood can do more than just fuel your fire, it is actually a great way for any many to boost their testosterone levels. And I’m not just saying this because it is a traditionally “manly” activity, there is actually a great deal of science behind it.

And after all, healthy testosterone levels can be good for you and your body. There are so many men who are looking for a way to increase their testosterone levels—as it can help with everything from energy to sex drive. However, there can be complications with certain hormone treatments and medications. 

Chopping wood, on the other hand, is a safe and natural way to get those testosterone levels up—plus it is a great way to get a workout while you’re at it. Here is a little more background on wood chopping, testosterone and all of the benefits that can come with this activity. 

What Testosterone Does For You 

There are many men who think that testosterone is just about sex—and while it is true that testosterone is an important part of a healthy sex drive, it is about more than that.

High testosterone can actually increase your muscle mass, improve memory, help with concentration and give you energy. Those are all things we could use each and every day for our personal and professional endeavors. 

Testosterone can also help you get that lean muscle mass and help you increase bone density—which is something that is particularly important as you age.

Plus, higher testosterone levels can help boost your libido as well. 

Unfortunately, as we age, our testosterone levels naturally start to decline. Those who suffer from low testosterone, or “low T” can experience serious side effects as well, including fatigue, depression and of course, low sex drive. However, instead of trying all of the new medications and treatments out there, you can simply get out and start chopping, to take care of those troublesome side effects of low T.

Yeah, testosterone does a lot for you—and it impacts a lot of things in your body, which is why it is important to be on the lookout for natural, healthy ways to keep your testosterone levels up—natural approaches like chopping wood.

The Correlation Between Wood Chopping and Testosterone 

Why should you consider chopping wood if you are worried about low T levels? Well, according to one study from the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior—which looked at testosterone levels in forager-farmers in the Amazon, the act of chopping wood does more to boost testosterone than playing sports.

The study looked at testosterone levels after men chopped wood, versus when they played soccer—and found that testosterone levels were higher in the men that cut down trees to get food for their families. In short, the act of doing something physical on your own and seeing the fruits of your labor, instead of just exercising to be competitive and aggressive—so keep that in mind as you start getting out there. 

In fact, this feeling of being of accomplishment can also help give you an extra boost of energy to continue to chop more wood, and to chop harder, faster and longer.

The Right Way to Chop Wood

So, you know why chopping wood is important, but if you’ve never done it before, you may not know how to jump in and get started. Don’t worry, it really isn’t all that difficult. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Put on some work gloves, work boots an safety glasses 
  • Position your chopping block (it can be a thick piece of un-split wood or a tree trunk)
  • Take the wood you want to split and balance it on the chopping block, try to keep it as stable as possible.
  • Face the wood and your chopping block.
  • Keep your legs spread shoulder-width apart so you have a strong and stable stance.
  • Tighten your core.
  • Grip your axe in both hands, putting your dominant hand near the head of the axe, and the non-dominant hand toward the base. You want a lot of control.
  • Look for checks or small cracks in the wood, and aim for those—it will make the wood easier to split when you strike it.
  • Lift your axe high above your head, and bring it down in a strong, smooth and steady motion. When you hit the wood should split in half giving you two pieces you are ready to light on fire. 

See? It’s really pretty simple. Just make sure you aim carefully and swing hard—and you should be fine. Next time you want to burn a fire to keep the family warm, don’t pick up that pre-chopped wood at the store, get out there and chop it yourself.

What Else Can Chopping Wood Do For You?

Want to boost testosterone? Get out there and start chopping wood. And while you’re at it, you will find that chopping wood can come with even more benefits. Here’s what else you can expect from some good ole’ fashioned wood chopping. 

In addition to helping naturally boost your testosterone levels, chopping wood is a great form of cardiovascular exercise—which can help boost your heart health and help you burn fat. It is also a great strength-training type of exercise that can help you build muscle and look more toned.

Now that you know all that wood chopping can do for you, get out there and start chopping some logs for your fire place, fire pit, or just for your own personal benefit. You will feel like you got a great workout, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll feel accomplished—and you’ll do all of this while naturally helping you produce more of that hormone that your body really needs.

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