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Partially as a way to promote what I anticipate to be a great product, GRATUITOUS PAID AFFILIATE LINK, but also as a way to help myself remember and better digest the content. I have decided to do a chapter by chapter review of Nate’s DVD.

My two goals are to help me learn as much as possible by rewriting my notes, as well as help a potential buyer decide if the purchase is applicable to their goals.

I will be viewing a chapter per day starting today, as I view them I have a text document open and I’m jotting down notes for review. I’ll then turn these notes into a summary of each chapter.

In defense of what I anticipate to be pretty rambling posts. Keep in mind I’m just trying to bring out bullet point highlights of each chapter. I’m not going to agonize over the editing and trying to “craft” some beautiful language here..

Here we go.

Chapter 1

Chapter one starts out with a general description of what is to come as well as the obligatory legalese stuff that has to be put into anything trading related. 99% of the content following that is all psychology related. I freaking LOVED this chapter. Of course I’m not going to try and make it sound like I know it all when it comes to trading, but I’ve read enough books and studied enough DVD’s to know what good setups are and what a chart looks like.

The kind of trading education I eat up is related to how successful traders got to where they are. And how their brains work and how they go about the process of trading. Nate and Cam discuss how you have to come to the market as a professional and figure out what works for you. Looking for picks or trades to follow is foolish and will only set you up to fail. Of course that being said Nate discusses his history and how he blew up many times until he found the strategy that worked for him.

Some of the main points that can’t be driven home enough are the ideas of cutting losses, and following plans. Its one thing to take a loss that you planned for, an entirely different thing all together to break your plan and take a loss.

This is for sure the biggest thing I have learned from Nate over the years and this chapter reinforced it. A trade without a plan is not a “trade” its just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

In summary, I REALLY enjoyed this chapter and the production of the video so far is really well done. At no point was I bored or starting to lose attention. Since this chapter was pretty much all just discussion and lecture they did a good job of throwing together a slide show of pictures to keep you interested visually. I even saw myself in a slide! 🙂

Below is a cut and paste of my notes, some of it may be useful to you without the video, but a lot of it won’t. But you can pretty quickly skim it to get an idea of what the chapter is about. If I discuss each bullet point this blog post will turn into a 2 hour read. And the video was only 1 hour long.

Great stuff so far, two thumbs up for sure.


History of Nate
How bad do you want it, or do you just want the money
You want picks or you want a strategy?
Foolishness of doubling down and increasing risk
No good trader has not failed many times
Self doubt – can I do this?
Lots of psychology
Prove to yourself that you can grind and pull money out, pay yourself.
Use Nate to cut your learning curve time down.
Bagholding, when you are wrong, be wrong
Fight between patience with losers vs, patience with winners
Unless the plan dictates and add do not add, only follow the plan.
Scale in, add to winners
Averaging down vs averaging in.
Add to winners instead of adding to losers
Add in with houses money
Follow the plan
Oh shit handle
Psychology of stubbornness and how it can grind you down.
Being consistent is fun.
Instead of looking forward, think about what you have accomplished.
Patience and psychology
Baseball, singles analogy
Get ready each day, look sharp trade sharp, be a professional.
Create your own plan – statistics class story
Morning – scalps – take washes or spikes
Mid day look for fades
Mid day – reactive
Late day – anticipate, execute plan
Daily routine
History of failure and mistakes
52 week lows analogy
Be motivated but not influenced by others.
Description of IU
Trading is a marathon
Separate daytrading, swing trading and investments

Need three things
1. Plan
2. Confirmation of the plan
3. What is entry based on confirmation

Daily chart for setup, 5 minute for entry
Don’t get caught up in what you look like.
Trade well and profits follow
Its what you do with the trades that DON’t work that counts
Never stop learning, never stop adapting.
Dont trade scared, but trade smart

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  1. Sure, I’ve already watched Textbook Trading twice, but I will probably loop back through it, and this time I’ll do the same note taking.

  2. Great post!

    I’ve just completed the Textbook trading dvd and agree with Mark, would be great if you could do the same for the first DVD.


  3. Hey Tim,

    Great work on this review by the way, loved his DVD, and just wanted to say great site. If I could make a suggestion, you could get some more hits on the site if you change your permalinks so instead of it saying /?p=3537 it shows up with the title of the article. Helps you out with SEO and such. Keep up the great posts tho!

  4. If you have already done the notes on “Textbook Trading”, I would surely appreciate it if you would allow me to check the notes and reviews. Thanks very TB!

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