$CALA – Trade Notes – 5-8-2015

$CALA meh pays for lunch and dinner…

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Type of Trade: Low float runner

Initial Entry: $13.70

Plan: Fade all afternoon stop on $14.00

Entry Notes: Liked that it gave me a defined risk at $14, while it is low float, it is not churning through the float with high volume like recent runners. Figured I’d try the fade. Add under $13.50


Add Notes:

Update: Pulled hard, covered into it, I have steaks on the grill so I’ll take the easy profit.

Partial Exit: $13.31

Final Exit: $13.64

Closing Notes: Only got a partial fill at $13.31 so I waited a couple minutes, crappy closing price but it was only a couple hundred shares. Again my lack of conviction shows, but its Friday and as mentioned above I’m trying to eat lunch.

P/L: $290.72

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