Bringing Jobs Back to U.S. Is Bruising Task – WSJ

Oh how I wish the majority of youth would attend technical or vocational college instead of 4 years liberal arts crap….


Chesapeake Bay’s other big miscalculation only became clear once the plant opened, says Ms. Xu. “Our biggest problem is the employment issue,” she says. Chesapeake struggled with high turnover in the early days and has continued to have difficulty finding workers with the skills needed to run machinery.

“We have people struggling with math,” she says. “Not middle-school math, elementary-school math. And this includes the supervisors—not just the line workers.”

Finding employees with a good work ethic is also a problem. There have been instances, she says, where the plant announced drug tests would be held the following day and up to 20% of workers didn’t show up. The company screens workers for drugs when they are hired.

via Bringing Jobs Back to U.S. Is Bruising Task – WSJ.

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