Book Review:More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite – Sebastian Mallaby

Wow, another book that necessitates either a couple sentence quick recap, or a 25 page analysis. Since I doubt anyone cares to spend the time to read that lengthy of a review I will keep my comments brief.

Awesome review of the history of hedge funds and the biographies of some of the biggest and most successful managers. Very fun and fast read considering it is a roughly 400 page book. Of course it is geared perfectly towards my interests, but nevertheless I think anyone with even a mild interest in high finance and hedge funds would enjoy it. The author did an awesome job covering tons and tons of information in a high tempo manner! I think the notes section was 30 pages or more with hundreds or maybe even over a thousand references.

I’ve read plenty of “hedge fund history” books through the years, and barring Michael Lewis’s work this is by far one of the best!

But always remember to never be rushed into applying something you have just read, you may get lucky from time to time, but thats usually all it is!

4 thoughts on “Book Review:More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite – Sebastian Mallaby”

  1. Hmm that is a VERY good question, I had to stop and think for a few minutes before replying.

    I guess I would say, don’t try and get so big so fast. Stick with what you know how to trade and keep your asset size manageable.

    It seems all of them had years and years of success but only when trying aggressively to expand their assets under management did they get in trouble or blow up.

  2. I know isn’t amazing how all great traders say to stay small until? It is a simple style and can be controled but too many want to go all or nothing style which ends up getting them no where.

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