Book Review: Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything – Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams

Overall a very strong “ok” rating. Nothing that blew me away but interesting and informative, just a little long winded and slow to read at times.

Lot of interesting case studies, but it felt like the same narrow points were made over and over and every example was brought out to just repeat the authors firmly entrenched views again and again. Never was there any sort of counter argument offered or any sort of outlier example featured.

While the concept of “wikinomics” or I think more appropriate termed “collaborative economics” is very valid, I felt this book was just trying to capitalize on being the first to the press and the first to have “wiki” in the name. If it was released today it would probably be called “Facebooknomics”.

But after rereading this review it feels like I’m bashing, that wasn’t the intent, the book was good but just wandering at times and the author chose to approach a very interesting topic in an odd way. Not the way I would have written it for sure.

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