Book Review: Ugly Americans : The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Who Raided the Asian Markets for Millions – Ben Mezrich

Good, fun and kind of bubble gummy/beach type reading. But still enjoyed it. Like most of Mezrich’s book it reads like a screenplay. Of course if thats his goal so be it, several of his books have been made into movies so congrats to him! On the rare occasion that I read fiction this is very much the fiction I like to read, “action finance” for lack of a better descriptive term. It also helps draw my attention by bringing in real events and real traders. Supposedly the story actually happened but whether or not it did, the author does a great job of making you think it did by tying it into the story of Nick Leeson and the big asian market bust he created at Barings Bank, in essence killing the worlds oldest bank.

While I may sound a little tongue in cheek describing the book, I need to admit my hypocrisy. One of my current projects is writing a novel and the topic is very much “action finance”. While I started the story before reading this book, I had also read Rigged by Ben Mezrich and that was probably one of the catalysts of my idea.

After finishing this book I set it down with a smile and said, “Hmm that was pretty good, it would be cool if my novel ended up something like that.”

Overall a fun read and a great book for the person who is interested in markets but doesnt want to get all sticky and nasty learning too many details from the putrid belly of the beast that is the world financial system.

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