Book Review – The Big Short – Michael Lewis

I’m way behind on my book reviews, I have about 6-8 books stacked up. Plus I read this about a month ago so this review will be far from “in depth”.

Very good book and a fun read, like all of Michael Lewis’s books very well written. While this type of book is catered exactly to my tastes and interests I think anyone interested in the financial mortgage related meltdown would find it compelling.

Of course if you look at the title you will be quick to discern that there is also a heavy focus specifically on short selling. Which if your a reader of this blog you will know, I for lack of a better word, “specialize” in shorting. Nothing on the level of the traders featured in this book, but much like a pickup basketball player loves to read about Michael Jordan, this book was very inspirational. Yikes, I’ll probably get some flack for that statement, “inspired by mortgage short sellers” oh well so be it, its the truth!

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