Book review: How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Considering all the how to and personal improvement books I read I have no idea why it has taken me this long to read this classic! I almost wonder if I had heard the title so many times it had taken on an info-merical feel to me.

Overall a great book and a very fast read, while a little dated in parts I almost thought towards the end that added charm to the writing. The “old” style language while a little off putting at first, actually was interesting towards the latter parts of the book.

Only bummer is I certainly wish I would have read it twenty years ago instead of today! The majority of the information is very basic and very common sense based. While reading I said to myself multiple times, “I already do that on a routine basis.” But do not construe this as a knock against the material, I also think the fundamental aspects of it may be its best selling point. Great to be reminded of techniques, and also I think helpful to reinforce behavior that you may be already exhibiting.

I certainly think that this book is a good read for anyone and everyone and certainly worth the time, unless you spend 99% of your time on Facebook or playing World of Warcraft, in that case save your money for some Farmville cash or WOW credits.

But if you actually deal with REAL people, pick up a copy!

And ESPECIALLY if you are a younger person with limited real world business experience run, DON’T walk to get a copy!

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