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I have a VERY difficult time detaching mentally from trading mid day, but at the same time, if I can manage it, one of the best ways to charge up for the afternoon is to crush the weights during the mid day lull.

I have a separate home gym area but it is very close to my trading station so I often wander over to check quotes between sets. Then lose a mental edge on the next set. And at the same time, I’m not fully engaged in trading either. Its frustrating to not be fully present in either.

I’m going to experiment tomorrow with not allowing myself to leave the mat’s expect to go to the bathroom. While I’m trading I’m fucking trading, while I’m training, I’m fucking training.

We’ll see if works 🙂



One of the fascinating things we see all the time with training was that at a certain point he said, “When I come in and I train, I’m more effective in the afternoon. I usually just don’t have this much energy in the afternoon and I get frustrated. I come here, you totally kick the shit out of me, and I go back to the set, and I actually have the energy and the clarity to make my afternoons more effective.”

via – Fit For Battle: The New Bodies Of 300: Rise Of An Empire.

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